So... Get your skates on mate

Join the self preservation society on board one of Charlie Crokers tours.
You wont regret it!

Well they have!

Steve Edmonds has been doing just that since 2004. He has taken Mini enthusiasts to Turin and the surrounding countryside to see and marvel at these places of Mecca. Now its your chance to see them!

Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea

The Italian Job has become such a cult film that it is high time that somebody organised Tours to the film locations in and around Turin

Welcome to the Italian Job Tour

I am very enthusiastic about one thing, The Italian Job and it is my passion to take others  on a Tour of the locations in Italy. No race tracks in Germany or visits to Rome, just what is says on the tin. We start from Dover and drive through  France, over the Alps into Italy and finally to Turin stopping off to visit most of the film locations along the way.

mini's lined up on italian job tour


The Italian Job Tour 2017

Tuesday 5th - Thursday 14th September

Cost:£750.00 per person, based on 2 people



Please contact me for a 2017 application form.

Only four places left.

Service vehicle with spares for your piece of mind.

Contact me for further details.........